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What If...? Episode 6 - What If...Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark? Review The Nerdy Basement

“What If…?” Episode 6 – What If…Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark? (Review)

Micheal B. Jordan returns as Killmonger in this week’s episode of “What If…?” and he once again shows why he’s

Pixar SparkShorts Nona Disney Plus The Nerdy Basement

NONA REVIEW: Instant Nostalgia With An Underlying Message That Everyone Needs

Pixar latest Spark short “NONA” is the story of a grandmother called “NONA”, as she plans on spending her day

Kate Film Review The Nerdy Basement

‘Kate’ Film Review: A Heart-Warming Action Thriller Doesn’t Provide Anything New To The Genre

Although “Kate” delivers some strong performances from its female leads, the action-packed revenge thriller doesn’t provide anything new to the

Titans Season 3, Episode 7 "51%" Review The Nerdy Basement

Titans Season 3 Has Begun To Lose Its Footing – Titans Season 3, Episode 7 “51%” Review

We’re just a little past the halfway point of Titans Season 3 and the series has begun to fumble its