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Iron Fist Heart of the Dragon The Nerdy Basement

Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #5 (Review)

Danny Rand joins forces with Luke Cage and others to battle against Hierophant. Yet, the Iron Fist has a confrontation

Miles Morales: Spider-Man The Clone Saga Review The Nerdy Basement

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25: The Clone Saga (Review)

A critically hated, yet important Spider-Man arc makes its return. Over 20 years ago, Peter Parker interacted with individuals just

Women of Marvel #1

Women of Marvel #1 (Review)

The Women of Marvel feature the likes of Gamora, Peggy Carter, Misty Knight, and more showcasing why they are elite

Spider-Man Spider's Shadow

Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow #1 Review

One of Spider-Man’s greatest tales is being told again. The only difference is that our hero made a significant change.

Call of the Night

Call of the Night Vol. 1 (Review)

Call of the Night Vol. 1, what are you willing to do for love and the chance to become a


Nocterra #2 Starts To Step On The Gas! (Review)

Nocterra #2 shows us the hard truth of things unseen in the dark Issue 2 of Nocterra is in the

America Chavez

America Chavez: Made in the USA #2 Review

America Chavez’s past is on full display. Yet, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Also, a mysterious being has a


Silk #1 Review

It is Cindy Moon’s first day at Threats & Menaces. She is proving herself at her day job. The young


Avengers: Curse of The Man-Thing Review

This one shot Avengers/Man-Thing Crossover brings us into the mind of man trapped inside the monster. Avengers: Curse of the


Carnage: Black, White, and Blood #1 Review

Carnage has three different adventures in this issue! Let’s explore what this symbiote has been up to. Carnage has been


King In Black: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review

Knull’s invasion is still wreaking havoc. However, Spider-Man and a new young hero, Reptil unite to save New York. Spider-Man

Justice League

Justice League #59 Review-NEW Team and Discovery!

Brian Michael Bendis brings in a new cast to the Justice League with more exploration on the newest hero Naomi

Thor and Loki: Double Trouble

Thor and Loki: Double Trouble #1 Review

In Thor and Loki: Double Trouble #1, Thor and Loki are forced to work together. They steal a famous artifact

Deep Beyond

Deep Beyond #2 Review

Deep Beyond #2 Dials It Back a Bit To Introduce New Characters While Serving an Uneventful, Near Meaningless Death Mirka


Karmen #1 Review

Karmen is the story of Catalina, a recent suicide, who is taken under the wing of the strange and quirky angel,


The JOKER #1 Review – “It shouldn’t work but it does.”

A Joker title that doesn’t involve Batman! They Must be INSANE! DC Infinite Frontier has taken us all to unknown