Free Comic Book Day is nearing and thanks to our friends over at Diamond Comics Distributors, we are able to bring you a spoiler free review of DC Ink’s “Under the Moon”. A story that focuses on a teenage Selina Kyle and how she copes and navigates through tough times in her life and the streets of Gotham.

Written by New York Times Best Selling Author Lauren Myracle, with art by Isaac Goodhart. Under the Moon shows a side to Selina Kyle that is not often seen.

Without giving too much away before you read this issue yourself. What I personally enjoyed the most here was her relationship with the kitten she finds outside the liquor store. She creates this loving bond between her and this kitten that should be expected from someone who eventually calls themselves “Catwoman”.

I also enjoyed the issues she had to deal with at home, mostly because it was something that I personally dealt with growing up as a child. We’re getting a little personal, but we won’t dive too deep into that. Those issues that she deals with at home, really shows us why Selina is so cold, distant and guarded when it comes to interacting with her peers, especially boys or much more precisely, Bruce Wayne.

While we get a different side of that here in this Free Comic Book Day edition of this graphic novel. It’s good to see that Selina did and has always had a soft spot for Bruce Wayne.

The art by Isaac Goodhart is very appealing. From the contours of the ink, to the purple filter that’s overlaid on the illustration, they compliment each other so well that it’s very appealing to the eyes. Plus, the purple filter is a nice little nod to Catwoman’s classic color scheme which is purple.

Overall, it’s a nice introduction to the book that should have new and old readers alike interested enough to pick up the graphic novel and continue reading about Catwoman, Selina Kyle.

Make sure to check out and support your local comic book shop on Free Comic Book Day and make sure to add DC Ink’s Under the Moon to your Free Comic Book Day pull list.

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