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Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #3 (Review)

Kate Bishop uncovers who may be responsible for a young girl’s kidnapping. Yet, this discovery only leaves Hawkeye’s sister to be another captured.

After leaving LA, Kate Bishop sets out to be her old self. Despite this, she would have a reunion with her sister that she hates. The tension is a result of Susan, Kate’s older sister, criticizing her vigilante lifestyle. However, Susan informs Kate Bishop about potential danger at a gathering in the Hamptons. This new danger is a group called the Circus of Crime. The organization serves to mind-control people out of their riches. It is now up to Kate to stop them before they do much worse than steal from the rich.

We start off at the Resort Chapiteau in the Hamptons. Kate, Susan, and Lucky are being surrounded by security guards. The three are about to be attacked as the guards are being mind-controlled. After being told by Susan to not kill them, Kate figures out to stop them. She shots some of them with arrows. She takes out a drone and makes an escape with her sister and dog. A minion of the Circus is now looking for Kate Bishop.

Kate and Susan talk on the balcony of the resort. First, Susan is told to leave the situation. However, she refuses, knowing that her sister is in danger. This angers Kate, even with her referring to Susan as a “loose end”. Next, we see Susan talk about how ruthless their father was. She apologizes for abandoning Kate, leaving her in his presence. They also talk about a fragment of the cosmic cube being in the wrong hands.

Despite this, Kate understands and doesn’t hold resentment towards Susan. As they talk about the Circus, a being reviewing Kate’s feats is lurking in the shadows. They were also present at the end of the first issue. Kate leaves to investigate and informs Susan to stay with Lucky. While going down to the basement, Kate is texting her allies. We see her communicating with Cassie Lang and Clint Barton. She finds the area where her stalker was hiding out.

She accomplished this with the help of a tracker on her phone. Kate is soon ambushed by the minion from before. The fight ends when a mysterious person shows up. This person is Pascale Tiboldt, and she has Kate’s sister. This issue ends as Kate worries about Lucky, fighting the minion, and expresses that she should’ve stayed in LA.

I really enjoyed the writing in the issue. This great job was done by Marieke Mijkamp! The author succeeds in showing the relationship between Kate and Susan. They went from Susan shaming Kate in the past issue to both looking out for each other. Seeing them coming together because of their father’s corruption was awesome! Also, both Kate and Pascale referring to Susan as a “loose end” showed the stakes raising in the issue. It was a nice feature in the story. Even the small detail of them holding hands was good too.

Speaking of the detail, the art was enjoyable to view. Enid Balám, Oren Junior, and Brittany Peer did a great job with the illustrations! Seeing Kate take down the guards was nice, especially with her planning it out so quickly. The use of her trick arrows is something I will never get tired of. However, her fight with the minion was the main highlight in terms of art. The fight was really cool, but the design of the minion made them goofy and weird. It is probably their gimmick, but it was strange having Kate fight someone with arrows in her hair.

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