Johnny Boo and the Silly Blizzard (Review)

Johnny Boo and his small friend, Squiggle witness a blizzard. The pair have some laughs, join another friend, and even eat the snow. However, there is a moment where the main character is worried for his small friend. In the end, we see the three are safe. This story was written and illustrated by James Kochalka. It was done so as sending a Merry Christmas to those reading the story, mainly children.

Johnny Boo and Squiggle wake up to the blizzard. They are excited thinking that ice cream is falling from the sky. They even pull out spoons to have the cold “snack”. Boo notices there is no taste, but he and his friend still eat the snow. The Ice Cream Monster then shows up and uses its fork to eat the Snow.

The duo competes against the monster to see who can eat the most snow. The monster can win but is bigger and cold. The three end up talking about how their tongues, elbows, even grandmothers are cold. Yet, this was the monster mixing up grandma with its thumb. Boo tries to heat the monster but causes his eardrums to freeze.

Boo then decides to run to his mitten box. The monster wants the winter apparel to be a Mint Chocolate Strawberry flavor. Eventually, Boo finds his box. Both he and Squiggle are happy to be wearing them. After handing Squiggle another mitten, it starts to snow again. Even though it is snowing again, they believe that the snowflakes are friends wanting to play. The pair is having fun, until Johnny Boos again. He wants to prove to his friend that he isn’t Sammy Snowflake.

This backfired as Squiggle is thrown feet away from Boo. Johnny is worried and looks for his friend’s voice. After screaming for him, he finds his little friend’s tall. However, Squiggle lands on a small mountain of snow. Under that mini-mountain was the monster. It asks for its flavored mitten, but Johnny refuses to give him one. Squiggle then tells Johnny to hand one over. The story ends with all three characters happy and wishing the audience a happy winter.

James Kochalka wrote a good story for the kids. He shows them how to have fun. He also showed that friends are a big part of having fun. Finally, he shares the importance of sharing and caring with one another. That is what the holidays are all about. We give back to those important to us and people that need our help.

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