"Power Girl" | photo: Boris Quezada


If you’ve never heard of Sarah Chu Cosplay, we don’t blame you. Honestly, we don’t. But we hope you get ready to meet this fast-rising and talented cosplayer, hailing to us all the way from Philadelphia.

Sarah Chu has become a popular cosplayer within the community as well as a big hit with her cosplays at recent comic conventions. She has been active on the scene for the past three years. So, chances are, you may have seen her.

We met Sarah at New York Comic-Con last year as she cosplayed as Power Girl. She immediately stood out with her long blonde mane, athletic body frame, the All-American Girl vibe and the Girl Next Door looks.  And to boot, she looked super awesome with her costume as Earth-2’s superheroine. As we struck a conversation, we instantly fell in love with her, her infectious laugh and her amazing personality.

How do we describe Sarah? Down-to-Earth, humble, friendly and approachable. She has a deep love and appreciation for all things geeky, nerdy, and comic and pop culture related. She’s a huge anime and manga fan as well. As an added bonus, Sarah has taken intensive Japanese course making her fluent in the language! To top it all off, she is also an avid video gamer, who frequently meets and streams live with some of her fans via Twitch. On her downtime, she enjoys the occasional outing, exercising/working out, reading a good manga, and spending quality time with her other two loves: her husband, whom she appropriately refers to as Husbando, and her beloved dog, Shibainu.

Despite being relatively new to cosplay, Sarah created her Instagram account as a way to showcase her passion for cosplay and to have a place that served as a creative outlet. Some of her cosplay standouts include her as Supergirl, the above-mentioned Power Girl, Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo), Daenerys Stargaryen (Game Of Thrones), Asuka Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and recently, an impressive genderbend of Sepiroth (Final Fantasy). Not to mention just-for-fun photo takes as Harley Quinn, Super Sonico, Tifa Lockhart, Hermione, among others. She has been working since Day One on putting both original and exclusive content, ranging from the cute, fun, flirty to teasers and works-in-progress — content that as of recently, has her helped amass over 10,000+ followers on IG!

We recently sat down with Sarah for an exclusive interview as we discussed everything from comics, superheroes, anime, cosplay stuff and help us settle two long-standing rivalries: Batman vs. Superman and Boxers vs. Briefs?!! Read on below!

Sarah Chu
“Asuka Langley” (Neon Genesis Evangelion) | photo: Jeff Batista

The Nerdy Basement: Hi, Sarah! Thank you for joining us and for doing this.
Sarah Chu Cosplay: Hi!!! Thanks again for selecting me for the interview.

TNB: Shall we begin?
SCC: Sure, let’s go!

TNB: Were you exposed to superheroes as a young age growing up?
SCC: I was! I loved going to the local comic book store. X-Men was my favorite!

TNB: Who is your favorite superhero/heroine?
SCC: I think I’d have a different answer every day of the week – but for today, let’s go with Thor!

TNB: If you had any superpowers or abilities, what would they be?
SCC: Immortality.

TNB: Do you collect any comic books?
SCC: Not currently but I’d love to get back into it.

TNB: You are a die-hard anime and manga fan. What are some of your favorites?
SCC: “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Death Note”, “Fruits Basket”.

TNB: You’re also an avid video gamer. What games do you enjoy playing? Any favorites?
SCC: I love RPGs. “Final Fantasy” is my favorite series.

TNB: How did you discover cosplay? Or better yet, what got you into cosplay?
SCC: When I was around 5, my mom would make my brothers and I ‘Star Trek’ costumes and take us to Sci-Fi cons. Cosplaying has always been a part of my life but I didn’t get seriously into it until NYCC 2016.

TNB: What is the most challenging aspect of being a cosplayer?
SCC: Managing time before a deadline.

TNB: Any formal training as a seamstress or are you self-taught?
SCC: My mom taught me the basics and I took one class in college. My skills are really elementary but I use Google and YouTube to learn new tricks.

TNB: In your humble opinion, which cosplay are you most proud of and why?
SCC: I love how my Power Girl bodysuit turned out. I made a lot of mistakes but learned a lot in the process.

TNB: Who’s your favorite character to cosplay?
SCC: Sephiroth.

TNB: Best thing about being a cosplayer?
SCC: Meeting amazing people who share the same loves.

TNB: What is your overall outlook of the cosplay community?
SCC: It’s honestly amazing! I’m fortunate that I’m part of a community with such kind, talented, and passionate people.

TNB: You’ve attended several Cons. Any favorites or standouts?
SCC: I love the energy at NYCC. It’s always my favorite weekend of the year.

TNB: Any cosplay pet peeves?
SCC: Gatekeeping characters.

TNB: By our personal account, your cosplays (and posts in general) tend to be fun, flirty, creative, visually appealing and engaging. How do you feel you distinguish yourself as a content creator?
SCC: You’re too kind! Honestly I don’t feel that my content is super unique. I try to make content that I’m proud of and that represents me. I try not to get too caught up in posting only what I think people may want.

TNB: What’s your next upcoming cosplay? Any plans?
SCC: Queen Atlanna.

Sarah Chu

Sarah Chu – At A Glance

DOB: September 21
Age: Excuse you?
Hgt: 5′ 7″
Wgt: How dare you? Lol!
Hair: Blondeish
Eyes: Blue
Background/Nationality: American
Occupation: Office Worker during the week, Cosplayer on the weekends
Social Media Links:

“I try to make content that I’m proud of and that represents me. I try not to get too caught up in posting only what I think people may want.”

— Sarah Chu Cosplay

Sarah Chu
Sarah Chu
Sarah Chu
“Sneek Peek” of Sarah Chu’s upcoming cosplay!
Sarah Chu
“Supergirl” | photo: John Kim
Sarah Chu
“Sephiroth” | photo: JWM Photography
Sarah Chu
“Daenerys” | photo: JMW Photography
Sarah Chu
“Daphne Blake” (Scooby Doo) | photo: Nikki Gee
Sarah Chu
“Asuka” (Swimsuit Selfie) | photo: Sarah Chu
Sarah Chu
“Harley Quinn” | photo: Sarah Chu
Sarah Chu
“The Bride” (Kill Bill) | photo: Unleashed Imagery

TNB: Last good book read?
SCC: “Radium Girls” by Kate Moore.

TNB: Last comic/graphic novel/manga read?
SCC: Currently re-reading “Runouni Kenshin”.

TNB: Last good movie you saw?
SCC: “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse”!

TNB: Favorite movie(s)?
SCC: “Rocky” and “Your Name”.

TNB: Finish this sentence:I am at my happiest when…”
SCC: “…I’m cuddling my dog.”

TNB: Settle the following disputes…

Batman or Superman?
SCC: Batman is cooler but Superman would win!

DC or Marvel?
SCC: Marvel.

Dubbed or Subtitled?
SCC: Both! I’m like 90/10 subbed to dubbed though.

PJs or Onesies?

Boxers or Briefs?
SCC: For myself? Briefs. On others – Boxers.

Pineapple on Pizza?
SCC: I prefer classic pepperoni!

TNB: Let’s play some Word Play! Say the first thing that comes to mind!
Comic Cons: San Diego
Cosplay: Supergirl
Superheroes: Power
Anime: Love
Manga: Kenshin
Waifu: Tifa
Video Gaming: Final Fantasy

TNB: Awesome! Thanks for playing, Thank You for you time and for being a good sport in this interview!
SCC: Thank you! And Thank You again for having me!

Sarah Chu
“Tifa Lockhart” | photo: Sarah Chu
Sarah Chu
“Hermione” | photo: Sarah Chu

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