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Tokyo Treat July Snack Box Review: Delicious and Refreshing Summer Snacks Give You A Taste of Summer in Japan

When it comes to Tokyo Treat, the goal is to give you a literal slice of the life of Japan in the form of Japanese snacks packed and shipped directly out of Japan. As a huge anime fan, I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and have always wanted to experience the food and the culture that I’ve seen glimpses of through the anime shows I have watched. As I’ve endlessly tried to not only learn the Japanese language, I’ve tried my best to learn more about the culture as well.

While it hasn’t been much, even though watching anime can count as experiencing the culture to an extent; I have only gotten so far. I reside in New Jersey and authentic Japanese food is scarce around here unless you’re out in New York, which I don’t visit often unless I’m attending a convention. Now with the pandemic, I visit the state even less. To give you a glimpse of my experience with Tokyo Treat’s July snack box, I am currently writing this review as I sip on the premium snack for this month: white peace nectar juice.

As someone who is of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, nectar juice was always something my family kept around so I was looking forward to getting a taste of this white peach nectar juice to see if there were any significant differences from what I drank as a child compared to what I am drinking right now as an adult. And to be quite honest, there isn’t much of a difference other than a smoother taste compared to what I have drunk in the past.

Tokyo Treat reached out to The Nerdy Basement and provided a free box to write this review since we are now part of their affiliate program. In addition, we will be providing you, our readers, and followers with our affiliate link so they can purchase a Tokyo Treat box for themselves and in the process support The Nerdy Basement. We thank you all in advance for supporting us this way, if you so choose to purchase a box via our affiliate link.

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What’s in the Tokyo Treat July Snack Box?

Tokyo Treat July 2021 The Nerdy Basement

Tokyo Treat’s July snack box features the Fujiya Nectar Peach drink as part of your premium snacks with the Pocky Mint Choco sticks as part of your classic snacks. If you purchase a premium subscription, the nectar peach drink will be included along with other premium snacks, and if you purchase the classic subscription you will have your Pocky Mint Choco sticks. Classic boxes do not include premium snacks, however, premium boxes include both.

The box includes snacks like the Full Moon Pon (Salty Flavor) a super tasty and crunchy light snack that is made using salt from Okinawa. A bag of pudding flavored Kit-Kats, pudding Daifuku, a bite-sized marshmallow with a delicious pudding custard filling, and many more things. I’ll be listing each item individually and will provide my tasteful insight on each snack.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about the box’s presentation. Picture coming home and finding a huge orange box right. at your doorstep, and it is the cleanest delivery box you’ve ever seen. I’m not exaggerating this was literally the cleanest box I have ever received as a delivery. You pop open the box and find the box filled to the brim with Japanese snacks and you are utterly overwhelmed do not know where to start. That was me.

The presentation of the snacks inside the box was surprisingly neat. Not only is the box filled with nearly 20 different snacks, but you are also given more than enough snacks to either indulge all by yourself or share with your friends and family. You are getting a huge bang for your buck and that’s all anyone can ask for when purchasing a monthly subscription box like this.

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Let’s talk about this month’s snacks and candies

Right off the bat, I have to say that the Fujiya Nectar Peach juice drink is my favorite snack of the box despite it being a drink along with the Melon Pandaro Butter Cookie. The Melon Pandaro Butter Cookie was sweet and literally refreshing due to its melon taste. I’m going off on a limb here and will assume that the taste is honeydew melon and not watermelon as it didn’t really taste like watermelon or cantaloupe. Also based on the green and white packaging I’m going with honeydew melon.

Snacks I did not fully enjoy were the pudding-flavored Kit-Kat mini bars as I felt they were too sweet for my liking. As well as the Caramel Corn Lemon Squash. I’m into sour-tasting treats or candies but not into sour-lemon flavored corn puffs. I really tried liking it but it’s def not for me. The Full Moon Pan, as well as the Porickey German Potato sticks, were ok snacks but not as tasteful as other potato snacks I’ve had in the past. The Pocky Mint Choco sticks weren’t really my cup of tea but they weren’t entirely distasteful as the mint doesn’t overpower the chocolate flavor. Definitely edible.

A few snacks from this month’s Tokyo Treat box really took me by surprise and that’s mostly because I did not think they would taste all that good. Snacks like the Pudding Daifuku, the Umaibo Seaweed (Salt Flavor), Lucky Corn (Salt Flavor), the Yakisoba Shop noodle snacks, and the Tongari Corn Salted Vanilla Flavor corn chips were the biggest hitters for out of this box. You read the item description and immediately think these flavors don’t go together but somehow they’ve made them work in a very pleasant and tasteful way.

While there wasn’t any snack that I outright hated. Some I could see myself look over if and when I visit Japan. However, as for my first tasting of Japanese snacks and candies, all thanks to Tokyo Treat. I can highly recommend Tokyo Treat’s July snack box. Would I be purchasing a box myself to further expand my horizons of Japanese snacks? Most definitely.

But I want to make sure that you also get your hands on Tokyo Treat’s upcoming snack boxes including this month’s box and all of their previous boxes by clicking on the link right here. We want to thank Tokyo Treat again for sending us a box for this featured review and we hope you enjoy these snacks as much as we did!

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