Overwatch 2 Overwatch League 2021 - 2022 The Nerdy Basement

Overwatch 2: New Details and Exhibition Match Will Be Featured During The Overwatch League Grand Finals

A new look at Overwatch 2 including new looks at Sombra and Bastion is coming our way during the Overwatch

Metroid Prime Nintendo GameCube The Nerdy Basement

10 of the Best Nintendo GameCube Games

In honor of the 20 year anniversary since the release of the Nintendo GameCube, it would be the right thing

Tokyo Game Show 2021 -Square Enix Presents The Nerdy Basement

Square Enix Presents Stream Kicks-Off October 1st At The Tokyo Game Show 2021

Square Enix Presents Stream will happen on October 1, 2021. There will also be game dedicated programs that will highlight

Playstation Showcase

Playstation Showcase 2021: A Presentation Full of Surprises, Teasers, and Mostly PS5 Releases!

The Playstation Showcase featured Spiderman 2, God of War Ragnarok, Wolverine, and more during this year’s Playstation 5 heavy presentation! 

Playstation Showcase September 2021 The Nerdy Basement

Playstation Showcase September 2021: How To Watch?

Sony is hosting its Playstation Showcase, the presentation will tease some of the amazing titles that gamers have been anticipating. 

Mini Motorways Nintendo Switch The Nerdy Basement

Mini Motorways Game Review: A Chaotic, Tedious, But Enjoyable Puzzle Game That’s Sure To Make Your Brain Hurt

Mini Motorways was developed by New Zealand-based company Dinosaur Polo Club. It has been making its way around in the

Life Is Strange: True Colors Twitch Crowd Choice The Nerdy Basement

Life Is Strange: True Colors Announces “Crowd Choice” For Twitch Streamers and Viewers

Life is Strange: True Colors Introduces “Crowd Choice” Feature For Streamers and Viewers Life is Strange: True Colors streamers can

Mini Motorways Nintendo Switch The Nerdy Basement

Dinosaur Polo Club makes a pitstop with Mini Motorways

Indie developer Dinosaur Polo Club, the people that created Mini Metro, makes its grand entrance at Gamescom with its Nintendo