The Mitchells vs The Machines Review The Nerdy Basement

The Mitchells vs The Machines Review: Hands Down One of The Best Animated Films To Come Out of Netflix

The Mitchells vs The Machines is hands down the best-animated movie to come out on Netflix, and will likely be

Without Remorse Review The Nerdy Basement

Without Remorse: The Best Dad-Movie of the Year So Far

Without Remorse is a perfect demonstration of a talented director doing their best to clean up a shoddy script What

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Review: A Semi-Entertaining Take on the Klassic Lore Ultimately Ends In a Babality…And Not In a Good Way

Mortal Kombat had the potential to be a great reboot of the horrid klassic film but poor creative decisions, directing

In The Earth Review The Nerdy Basement

In The Earth Lacks a Consistent Pulse But Gives Off Heavy Midnight Screening Vibes

In The Earth delivers a broad and subtle sense of psychedelic horror, but cannot shake incoherence and slight silliness. This


Stowaway Review: Shines With Terrific Performances From Its Cast But Ultimately Fails To Deliver Anything Special

Stowaway is a thoughtful thriller that fails to deliver on its major goal but succeeds in gaining the best performances

Annie Awards 2021


Where the Oscars can be unbearably pretentious and the Golden Globes racist, The Annie Awards will always bring a positive

Justice Society World War II Steve Trevor Wonder Woman The Nerdy Basement

Justice Society World War II Clip Sees Steve Trevor Proposing To Wonder Woman

A break in the action for the sake of love, Steve Trevor proposes to Wonder Woman in new Justice Society

The Long Halloween

Batman: The Long Halloween Part One Digital, Blu-Ray Release Dates Revealed

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One is coming this June to Digital and Blu-ray Atrocious serial killings on holidays in