‘Black Widow’ Delayed Again, ‘Soul’ Heading to Disney Plus?

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow delayed again, Disney/Pixar’s Soul heading to Disney+? That’s the word around town!

This week has been filled with massive talks about potential delays and PVOD release for blockbuster films from Warner Bros., Marvel Studios, and Disney. Earlier this week we reported that Wonder Woman 1984 could be facing another delay due to theaters not fully opening, Tenet’s low box office performance which could also lead to Dune getting pushed out of 2020 entirely for a new release date in 2021. Nothing has been fully confirmed just yet.

While that initial report focused primarily on the possible delays of Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune. This piece will focus on the possible delay for Marvel Studios’ Black Widow and Disney/Pixar’s Soul. In a report from Deadline, there are talks going on behind the scenes over at Disney about further delaying the release of Black Widow. A film that is slated to kick-off Phase 4 of the MCU.

Black Widow

Black Widow was initially slated to release on May 1, 2020, but due to national lockdown aka quarantine, the film was delayed until November 6, 2020. That release window is now up in the air as not all theaters are opening, the one opened and operating are only operating at 25% capacity and the biggest film markets (New York and California) have yet to open and might not even open up at all.

While Disney has yet to confirm anything to Deadline or to any other Hollywood trade. Disney is open to delaying Black Widow again if it’s not able to release the film in theaters. And it seems like a Premium Access release on Disney+ might not be in the cards for Black Widow just yet. Mulan released on Disney+ Premium Access over Labor Day weekend and while it the hot topic of the weekend, Disney has yet to release official sales numbers. This begs the question of whether or not Mulan performed well enough to Disney’s expectations in order to warrant a potential consideration in releasing Black Widow on Disney+ via Premiere Access.

On the flip side, Deadline is also reporting that Disney/Pixar’s upcoming animated film ‘Soul’ could be released on Disney+. It is not yet clear whether that’d be a PVOD release or a straight to streaming release like ‘Onward’, although ‘Onward’ had a brief theatrical run prior to national quarantine.

Fans have been very adamant and vocal about Marvel Studios and Disney releasing Black Widow on Disney+ due to theaters not fully opening but seeing how Black Widow can easily make Disney and Marvel Studios another billion dollars, I think they’d prefer to hold on to this film for as long as possible…at the cost of losing fan interest that is.

Source: Deadline

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