A Big Game spot for Black Widow was officially released earlier today during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. Let’s break down a few key moments from the Big Game spot and what clues this might reveal about the film.

One line that immediately stands out “You don’t know everything about me.”. Which is immediately followed by “The Avengers weren’t my first family.” This kind of throws us all for a loop because in Avengers: Endgame during a conversation with Steve Rogers, Natasha reveals to him that prior to joining S.H.I.E.L.D., she had no one and that when she joined The Avengers she gained a family. But what about her Russian family? The family consisting of Red Guardian, Yelena, and Melina? Which family came first? There are so many more questions than we had before.

On the bright side, we get more of Taskmaster in action. Showing off some moves very similar to our former Captain America, Steve Rogers, as he kickflips his shield in order to recover it. The obvious would be that Taskmaster has been studying The Avengers. Or, Taskmaster at some point in time in the MCU has faced off against Captain America. Seeing how this film takes place after Captain America: Civil War and before Avengers: Infinity War, we can speculate that at some point during their covert operations while in hiding, Black Widow, Captain America, and company have crossed paths with Taskmaster.

Seeing how Thunderbolt Ross has been hunting down Black Widow and Captain America since the events of Civil War and seeing how he is to appear in this film. We can speculate that the Thunderbolts are a thing and Taskmaster is one of its leading members. We can also speculate that Thunderbolt Ross has assembled this team during that unseen MCU timeline which is after Civil War and before Infinity War.

Until then we will have to wait until the film drops on May 1, and with the second issue of the Black Widow prelude comic book which drops this month.

In the meantime check out the official character posters for Black Widow below:

Take a close look at the posters….when positioned together they give the Widow’s bite!

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