Captain America: Chris Evans Responds To The News of His Return to the MCU

Chris Evans Officially Responds In Regards To His Return To The Role of Captain America

Earlier today we reported from Deadline’s exclusive report that Chris Evans nearing finalization on a deal to once again suit up as Captain America and make his return to the MCU. In this yet to be closed deal, Chris Evans would return as Captain America in an upcoming Marvel Studios film with the option to appear in another, alas Robert Downey Jr. and his appearances in the MCU after this solo Iron Man trilogy. Captain America himself Chris Evans has taken to Twitter and broken his silence about the news that was revealed earlier today.

“News to me” was all Chris Evans had to say about the news in what seems to be a not so subtle way of debunking said news. But in the same breathe a reactionary tweet like this would hint at some sort of confirmation about the news that was reported earlier today. MCU actors always play coy when it comes to any sort of news regarding the MCU that can’t be either confirmed nor denied.

Captain America

We recently saw this with She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany as she denied being cast as Jennifer Walters after reports came out that she was indeed cast in the role, to then have Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirm the news via an official announcement just weeks later. Now I want to reiterate that neither of these reports are either confirmed or denied as Marvel has not commented in any way about the news.

A tweet from the former Captain America himself is neither confirmation nor denial either. But the former MCU star is having a blast on Twitter as he reads countless tweets from fans reacting to this tweet about his potential return to the MCU.

With The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arriving in March, it’ll be interesting to see how the MCU handles not one, but two different men holding the mantle of Captain America in the same universe. We know that the U.S. Agent will make his debut in the upcoming series to essentially serve as the government’s version of Captain America, but that’s not America’s ass, Steve Rogers is. Time will tell but we’ll make sure to keep you all updated as this story develops.

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