The success and high praise of the Bumblebee solo film has reignited an old flame over at Paramount Pictures. At first thought out to be a standalone film. Fans were keen enough to read between the lines and knew that if Bumblebee was a success, that meant that a reboot of the franchise would be imminent.

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Bumblebee went on to earn a total of $495.5 Million Globally, with a Certified Fresh Score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. A huge box office and critical success for the first ever Transformers solo film. That immediately green-lit Paramount‘s plans for a sequel, which was announced shortly after Bumblebee’s opening weekend, alongside confirmation that Bumblebee in a sense, was actually a reboot all along. Who would’ve thought right?

While Bumblebee was a huge success, the Michael Bay directed Transformers: The Last Knight, did not see the same results. Critically at least. It earned a huge $605.4 Million Globally, but earned a disappointing Rotten Score of 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. At this point fans were hung and dry when it came to the Transformers franchise, and needed a break that was long overdue.

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If you are a long time listener of our podcast, you know I’ve been very vocal of how disappointing this film was and that it was definitely time to throw in the towel and give this franchise a break. But Paramount has other plans as I mentioned before.

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Paramount Pictures producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has revealed to Japanese outlet Cinema the following:

“We are already working on two projects and both have scripts under development,” Di Bonaventura told Japanese outlet Cinema. “One is the latest in the main family series following the events of Transformers: The Last Knight and the other is a sequel to Bumblebee. So, we are thinking of films where Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be the buddies, but when Optimus and Bumblebee are the movies of the protagonists … how human beings get involved in their drama In the first place, the size is different between human beings and their’s …. It’s a worrying point (laughs).”


The idea of a direct sequel to Transformers: The Last Knight seems a bit odd to me, especially when it didn’t quite meet Paramount‘s expectations. Bumblebee on the other hand, surpassed, what I assumed to be Paramount’s low expectations for the film, which hurried them to green light a sequel and a reboot to the franchise.

It just doesn’t make sense to continue with one side of the dying franchise when we got something fresh and successful on the other side.

Bumblebee arrives on Digital HD on March 19, and on Blu-ray/DVD, 4K on April 2nd.


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