American Dad TBS July Programming Highlights The Nerdy Basement

Miracle Workers Oregon Trail, American Dad and More Highlight TBS’ July Programming

This July, TBS is airing a stacked lineup of original programming all month long, including new “The Cube” episodes on July 1, 8, 15, & 22; new “American Dad” episodes on July 5, 12, 19, & 26; the “Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail” premiere on July 13; Fourth of July Movie Marathon; “Shazam!” Network Television premiere; and new episodes of “Friday Night Vibes.”

Week of June 28
Thursday, July 1

  • “The Cube” – 9 pm ET/PT
    • Dwyane Wade welcomes siblings Kelsey & Jared into The Cube. Do they have what it takes to defeat the Cube for a chance to win $250,000, or will they crash out once they learn that these simple tasks are epic challenges?

Friday, July 2

  • “Friday Night Vibes”
    • Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” – 8 pm ET/PT
    • “National Security” – 11 pm ET/PT

Sunday, July 4

  • July 4th Holiday Movie Marathon
    • Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man and the Wasp” – 5pm ET/PT
    • Marvel Studios’ “Thor 3: Ragnarok” – 7:30pm ET/PT

Week of July 5
Monday, July 5

  • “American Dad” – 10 pm ET/PT
    • After Stan sells off the coveted family plot, the family opens their own cemetery in the backyard with the help of basketball Hall-of-Famer Scottie Pippen.
  • “Final Space” – 10:30 pm ET/PT
    • Long-held secrets are revealed that will change the Team Squad forever.

Thursday, July 8

  • “The Cube” – 9pm ET/PT
    • The pressure is mounting as two new teams enter the Cube for another chance at winning $250,000. With 9 lives and 7 games, who has what it takes? Hosted by 3-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade, it’s The Cube.

Friday, July 9

  • “Friday Night Vibes”      
    • “Suicide Squad” – 8 pm ET/PT
    • “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” – 10:40 pm ET/PT

Sunday, July 11

  • “Shazam!’ Network TV Premiere – 8pm ET/PT

Week of July 12
Monday, July 12

  • “American Dad” – 10 pm ET/PT
    • Stan is forced to partner with Jeff in a lumberjack competition. Meanwhile, Steve, Francine and Snot enter a contest to win a vintage pickup truck.
  • “Final Space” – 10:30 pm ET/PT
    • A shattered Team Squad is left reeling as Gary and Avocato travel into Invictus’ inner sanctum for the final showdown.

Tuesday, July 13

  • “Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail” Premiere – 10:30 pm ET/PT
    • The third season of the top-rated anthology comedy series “Miracle Workers,” this time transporting cast members Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni, and Jon Bass to the American Old West. Set in the year 1844, “Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail” follows an idealistic small-town preacher (Radcliffe) who teams up with a wanted outlaw (Buscemi) and an adventurous prairie wife (Viswanathan) to lead a wagon train west on the Oregon Trail across an American landscape which, much like today, is fraught with both promise and peril.

Thursday, July 15

  • “The Cube” – 9 pm ET/PT
    • The world’s toughest game show continues, as Dwyane Wade welcomes Paralympic Gold medalists Oksana Masters and Aaron Pike as they take a break from training for Tokyo 2021. Will they see that gold floor in the Cube, or will they meet their match?

Friday, July 16

  • “Friday Night Vibes”
    • “Creed” – 8 pm ET/PT
    • “Creed 2” – 10:40 pm ET/PT

Week of July 19
Monday, July 19

  • “American Dad” – 10 pm ET/PT
    • Stan and Francine go back in time to settle an argument.

Tuesday, July 20

  • “Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail” – 10:30pm ET/PT

Thursday, July 22

  • “The Cube” – 9 pm ET/PT
    • Lovebirds Elie and Keyana are fierce competitors and are on the verge of making Cube history but will they go all the way? Then we meet engineers Jenni and Marie as they use science in their attempts to beat the Cube. Will it be a big bang, or will they bottom out? Hosted by 3-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade, it’s The Cube.

Friday, July 23

  • “Friday Night Vibes”
    • “Get Hard” – 7:30 pm ET/PT
    • “Money Talks” – 9:45 pm ET/PT

Week of July 26
Monday, July 26

  • “American Dad” – 10 pm ET/PT
    • Francine and Roger get lost in a good book (or five) after Francine escapes an embarrassing situation. Stan reluctantly hangs out at the library.

Tuesday, July 27

  • “Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail” – 10:30pm ET/PT

Friday, July 30

  • “Friday Night Vibes”
    • “Rampage” – 9 pm ET/PT
    • “Pacific Rim” – 10:10 pm ET/PT

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