Gina Carano Was Not Canceled, She Was Held Accountable

Contrary to popular belief amidst her firing, It Was Time for Gina Carano to be Held Accountable

This past week, The Mandalorian star Gina Carano was fired for her super unprofessional tweet comparing bring a Republican as being a persecuted Jew in the Holocaust. Unfortunately for Gina Carano, she is not fully in tune with history and is completely wrong in her comparision. No one from the Republican party is being hunted down and persecuted for their polictical beliefs. Additionally, Gina Carano’s firing wasn’t due to cancel culture, it was more about holding her accountable for her actions. Let me explain.

Gina Carano’s actions are something Disney refuses to tolerate. Why? Not because of “censorship” but mainly because of its reputation. Disney has never been one to look the other way when it comes to unprofessionalism and how their actors handle themselves in the public eye, especially on social media. So why would Gina Carano be the exception? Disney has a long history of firing stars that have had unprofessional behavior.

Hannah Montana star Mitchell Musso was fired for drunk driving, Wizards of Waverly Place co-star Jake T. Austin was let go for throwing a temper tantrum and throwing objects at staff members, Cheetah Girls star Adrienne Bailon had nudes floating around the internet, Hannah Montana lead star Miley Cyrus, even Youtube’s biggest star PewDiePie was let go by Disney for unacceptable internet behavior, the list goes on. Disney has used all of its resources to turn itself into a welcoming environment for children and their respective families and Gina Carano’s social media tirade was not a good look.

Even when comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias worked for Disney for a short period of time, he knew the severity and responsibility he was bestowed with.

“They look at your social media. They look at your stuff online. If there’s anything about you that doesn’t fit that model, they will freaking– mmmm. And I’m paranoid because Disney’s so big. They’re so huge. They own television stations. They own radio stations. They own Marvel Comics. They own Star Wars. I don’t need that phone call, you know? (imitates phone ringing, the line connecting) “Hello?” (imitating Yoda) “Mmm. F***ed up, you did.” I’m so freaking paranoid, you guys. Because nowadays, people are always recording. If you do something that might look stupid, it can end up turning out even worse.”

And sadly, Gina Carano did not heed that responsibility or the warnings she was given about her social media behavior. People have tried to spin this and make her behavior less offensive than what it actually was. The hashtag #CancelDisneyPlus trended on Twitter with many of Gina Carano’s supporters trying to get people to side with her; that the “snowflake liberals” are too sensitive. Saying “cancel culture” has gotten out of hand and that Disney/Lucasfilm should rehire her or support her.

Whether you call it cancel culture or not, the movement has helped hold people accountable for their actions in ways that weren’t possible in the past. Disney does not care about your political views, they care more about the controversy an individual could be causing the company thus affecting its reputation. Unfortunately for Gina Carano, she has done way too much to get their attention, and way too much damage which ultimately led to her getting ousted from The Mandalorian and her planned spin-off series.

Gina Carano

These people are role models, mentors, and influencers the minute they sign with Disney. It was exciting to see a strong female character that could kick some serious ass and was witty, little girls looked up to her. And when that mentor becomes a bully or just a straight-up bad person, Disney cuts immediate ties. And her previous tweets had the PR team looking for a reason to fire her. From spreading anti-masking conspiracy theories, belittling Democratic leaders, her transphobic remarks, to calling people trying to correct her “trolls”, even denying systemic racism even existed. Again Disney does not care what your views are, merely about the image its actors have as they represent them.

Had this been a domestic disturbance, oooh fans would’ve supported Disney hands-down. No question, no backlash, no #CanelDisneyPlus, and fans would be 100% supportive of the victim. But Carano’s tweets were not just bullying and bigotry, and totally unacceptable civil conversations. No one in their right mind would say Republicans have it just as bad as the Jewish community ever did, especially during such a tragic historical event like the Holocaust; or belittle the trans community, or say racist remarks.

And let’s be honest, let’s say a few hundred people did cancel their Disney+ subscription, it really wouldn’t matter. Because there are millions of others who are still watching Disney and won’t leave no matter who they fire. The company might talk about re-hiring Gina Carano to appease their fans, but it won’t get past just that; talks.

Gina Carano

Maybe if it was a resurfaced tweet that came back to bite her like James Gunn’s case. A hiccup at that said point in time (of his firing, also unacceptable behavior), but he has since apologized. Gunn had the entire internet and his Guardians of the Galaxy cast up in arms because “past mistakes should not condemn you”. But in this day and age where everything you say and do is put under a microscope, you simply cannot say things like that.

Actors, singers, and athletes are now put at a higher standard than everyday civilians, they are now under the public’s eye. Children look up to these celebrities and that is what Disney is trying to protect. Many other companies have followed suit and have dropped Gina Carano from any and all campaigns attached to her. Toy companies have even canceled their Cara Dune action figure! So if a celebrity has wandered onto this article know this: you are responsible for your actions. And those multi-million dollar contracts can be torn up because of what you say. Your actions have consequences, how the outcome of those consequences turns out is up to you. You weren’t canceled, you were held accountable.

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