Stranger Things 4 Teaser

It’s been a burning question ever since we all saw the post-credits stinger for Stranger Things 3. Is Hopper truly alive? During the final battle at the Russian base underneath the local mall. Hopper sacrificed himself to save Joyce and the kids. But we had no clear indication of whether or not Hopper died in the sacrificial act, or if he was transported to The Upsidedown.

Ask and you shall receive! The official Twitter page for Stranger Things quietly released an official teaser trailer for Stranger Things’ upcoming new season Stranger Things 4 revealing that Hopper is indeed alive…and bald! Goodbye to that amazing 80s slick backed mane that Hopper wore so well.

The teaser, while brief gives us a lot of information about the upcoming season. As I mentioned above, Hopper is alive but being held captive by the Russians. It’s safe to assume that this is due to Hopper helping the kinds infiltrate their base and killing those within. It also answers the burning questions about whether or not we will see the series move away from Hawkins, and while this teaser indicates that to a degree, we aren’t fully sure if we are moving away from Hawkins entirely. Half of the group did stay behind in Hawkins during the third season’s closing moments.

This also adds credence to the previous reports I’ve seen about Stranger Things 4 introducing new characters to the series. New location, new faces, new problems to deal with. It all goes hand in hand. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Stranger Things 4 now that promo has officially started for the upcoming season.

Source: Stranger Things Twitter

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