Rumored Ironheart Disney+ Series Reportedly Aiming to Shoot in 2021

Towards the end of 2019 a new rumor had surfaced. A live-action Disney+/Marvel Studios Ironheart series was reportedly in development. Ever since that initial report broke, no official confirmation was made.

Earlier this week, a new report from The Cinemaspot revealed that this long-rumored Ironheart series is indeed happening and that Marvel Studios and company plan on starting production in 2021. At the time being at that’s really known about this series is a targeted production start window. While Marvel Studios has been receiving pitches for the story, a writer/showrunner has yet to be attached to the series.


Despite that, the series plans on following 15-year old Riri Williams, an engineering genius who builds an Iron Man-like suit. Aspiring to be superhero, she dons the suit of armor and the codename ‘Ironheart’.

Story still developing….

Source: The Cinemaspot

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