Is WandaVision Getting 10 Episodes Instead of the Previously Announced 9 Episodes?

It looks like WandaVision might be getting an extra episode is this social media post from a talent agency is correct

WandaVision is starting to unravel and this week’s episode opened up a brand new can of worms and with Marvel Studios’ latest promo for the new series, the coming episodes will really set things in motion for Wanda and the future of the MCU going forward. WandaVision was initially announced to run for a total of 9 episodes according to an official Disney+ press release. But now, according to a new social media post from STW Talent Agency, WandaVision could in fact run for as long as 10 episodes.

As seen above in a tweet posted by Cosmic_Marvel, STW Talent Agency actor Selena Anduze is set to appear in the supposed finale of WandaVision which is episode 9 of the series as well as episode 10. As I mentioned above, when Disney+ sent out official press releases for WandaVision prior to the series premiere. The press release confirmed a total of 9 episodes.

Now, this could be a mistake on STW’s behalf but the post has been up on their social feeds for more than 48 hours and has yet to be taken down even on their Instagram account. We at The Nerdy Basement reached out to STW Talent Agency to get further confirmation on this matter but they have yet to respond.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story for the foreseeable future to see if Marvel Studios, Disney or even STW confirms this proposed episode count for WandaVision. In the meantime, make sure to check out the first four episodes of WandaVision streaming right now on Disney+.

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