In the wake of the global pandemic due to the coronavirus. Most retailers, businesses, and mass gatherings around the nation have been postponed or completely canceled in order to prevent an even larger spread of the covid_19 virus caused by corona.

Funko has been one of the most affected businesses due to the coronavirus outbreak. Funko was slated to have a huge year starting this Spring with Emerald City Comic-Con. Unfortunately for them, ECCC was canceled. Following suit was WonderCon 2020, and most likely to follow is the biggest comic book convention of them all, San Diego Comic-Con, even if it has yet to become official.

Funko revealed today in a press release that they would be closing their Everrett and Hollywood retail locations in the wake of Covid_19, in order to further practice social distancing and the prevention of massive spread. Funko has also urged its employees to work from home. A move that has been made by many companies across the nation in order to protect themselves and its employees.

Check out the official statement below:

There is no higher priority than the health and well-being of the #FunkoFamily.

 In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we are temporarily closing our Everett and Hollywood retail locations and have recommended our employees work from home. We plan to actively monitor the situation in the coming days and will take the necessary steps to best protect our employees and fans.

Whether a fanatic, super fan, customer, partner or employee, we are all in this together as a #FunkoFamily united by our love of pop culture and entertainment

 We want to know how you are using this time to connect with others by using the hashtag #FunkoFamilyAtHome.

 While our stores are closed, we welcome you to shop and follow @OriginalFunko on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to connect with your #FunkoFamily wherever you are.

We at The Nerdy Basement urge to follow the same practices as everyone else. Social distancing and self-quarantine (whether or not you have contracted coronavirus) are the safest precautionary options you have. If you are among those who unfortunately cannot work from home, please practice safe hygiene. Wash your hands every chance you get and refrain from touching your face if you have touched outside surfaces.

For more updates and news on how Covid_19 has affected the world of entertainment and pop-culture check out the provided links.

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